ICEP2017 | call for abstracts 20.11.2016

Von 30.August – 1.September 2017 findet die International Conference of Environmental Psychology in A Coruña (Spanien) statt. Themenschwerpunkt der Konferenz: “Theories of change and social innovation in transitions towards sustainability”.

Die wichtigsten Termine:

  • 20.11.2016             Abstract submission deadline
  • 30.01.2017             Notification of acceptance deadline
  • 30.04.2017             Early bird registration
  • 30.08.-1.09.2017   Conference dates

Zu folgenden Themen können Beiträge als Vortrag (oral presentation), als Vortrag im Zuge eines Symposiums oder als Posterpräsentation eingereicht werden:

  • Acceptability of environmental policies
  • Historical and/or cultural research
  • Individual factors underlying environmental attitudes and behaviour
  • Systemic factors underlying environmental action
  • Underlying motivations of individal’s involvement in environmental behaviour
  • Multi, inter and trans-disciplinary approaches and principles
  • Quality of life and well-being
  • Research methods
  • Restorative environments
  • Social influence
  • Spatial planning and cognition
  • Environmental influences on cognition and behaviour
  • Agent Based Modelling and pro-environmental behaviour
  • Social simulation perspectives
  • Environmental action and sustainability
  • Social innovation
  • Individual and collective agency and empowerment
  • Sustainability transitions
  • Environmental education for sustainability
  • Sustainable lifestyles
  • Time use and pro-environmental beaviour
  • Energy transitions and consumption.  The human factor.
  • Narratives of change on social innovaton
  • Initiative-based social learning
  • Theoretical aspects
  • Sustainability and social conflict
  • Risks and hazards: Perception and Management